Bulging Disc In Neck

You might apply the idiom pain in the neck more times than you care to remember to refer to obnoxious people and things in your life. And then here comes a bulging disc in neck, your neck for that matter, which makes the idiom come painfully alive in more ways than one.

A Real Pain in The Neck

It starts with mild pain felt around the neck area, which you might attribute to the wrong sitting and sleeping posture as well as a sore neck. As the days go by, the pain intensifies and sharpens to the point that it really is a pain in the neck. And then worse things happen. You start to feel tingling sensations like pins and needles on your arms, hands and chest as well as in the legs, said sensations progressing to numbness and weakness. You may also start having blurred vision, chest pains and heart palpitations.

By this time, you should not ignore your symptoms for you may or may not have a bulging disc in neck. Only the clinical evaluation of a qualified doctor will enable the correct diagnosis of a slipped and bulging disc in your neck. Don't despair, however, as it is not a life-threatening condition per se especially when early treatment is provided for by competent professionals.

A Pain in the Neck No More

Your doctor will recommend many treatments ranging from bed rest to low-impact exercises. If you adopt the following recommendations in your home treatment, you can be free of the pain in your neck and in other parts of the body as caused by a bulging disc in neck.

* Avoid subjecting your neck to sudden movements. This also means adopting proper posture while you sit and stand to strengthen all the muscles in your back, which supports your neck.

* Get bed rest especially when your neck pain is severe but limit it to 2 days at most.

* Sleep with your neck properly elevated, of which some sufferers swear by the benefits of the memory foam.

* Perform low-impact exercises designed to restore the strength and flexibility of your neck muscles. Your doctor and/or physical therapist is the best resource person for this purpose.

* Apply an ice pack to your neck for 20 minutes at a time several times each day for 2-3 days, which will lessen the internal swelling of the bulging disc in neck. You can then apply a heat pad for about 5 minutes at a time a few times each day, which will soothe your aching muscles.

Your doctor will also prescribe painkillers like aspirin, acetaminophen and ibuprofen to control the pain as well as anti-inflammatory medicines to promote faster healing. You have to take them as prescribed, especially where the painkillers are concerned. Often, it is more advisable to take your painkillers at the first instance of pain.

If the bulging disc in neck still cannot be remedied with all these home treatments, then it is time to call the big guns of surgery. This is, unfortunately, yet another pain in the neck although the benefits can be well worth the price. But that's another story.

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